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Getting the most from an already squeezed budget is an important factor for schools and other educational establishments, made increasingly more difficult by advancing technology and the financial strain created by the need to keep up with these advances. Keeping track of what you already have and knowing where it is, are important considerations for budgeting and financial planning that have historically been tackled with lists and spreadsheets. Keeping an asset register is a basic requirement for all schools, with yearly audits carried out to verify assets are still there. Using the usual list/spreadsheet method it is likely that the asset register is out of date as soon as it is saved.

Making the transition to an automated solution from Wasp is simple – and can be made even easier by selecting our asset tagging and database service – and not only saves time and money, but improves the management and accountability of information. This also creates a greater awareness of what assets you have and where the funding for them has come from, from department based budgets to grant funded assets including software and library collections. Assets can be tracked by location, department, user, person responsible, type of asset and more.

Wasp’s MobileAsset solution allows users to quickly locate any asset, saving wasted time spent searching for missing items, and stop unnecessary replacement of lost assets. Items can be checked out to staff, students and contractors with return dates and notifications for the users, this again gives an audit trail.
Maintenance can be scheduled and tracked to extend the working life of your equipment and if needed prove that the asset has been well looked after. Regular maintenance tasks, such as PAT testing and safety equipment inspection and calibration, can be assigned to members of staff and tracked and are logged to each asset’s transaction history.

Auditing of assets can take hours if not days: Simply take the Wasp mobile computer (or your Android/Apple device) to the room to be audited, select the location from a list. The system then lists the assets that should be there. Simply scan each item in the room in any order. Anomalies are flagged at the end of the audit and a report is automatically generated.

Wasp’s MobileAsset Complete solutions come with a mobile computer, or you can use with an Android or Apple device, for managing assets on the move, integrated barcode labelling software and a label printer for creating asset tags. Free technical support is offered for the life of the product.



Everything you need to effectively print asset tags, track and manage your assets.


  • Track Funding
  • Unlimited assets
  • Use iOS/Android app
  • Multiple sites and locations
  • Manage multiple department
  • Check out/in asset to staff/students
  • Design and print your own asset tags
  • Email alerts for assets due back & warranty expiry

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Track and manage assets using pre printed security tags or existing asset tags.


  • Track funding
  • Unlimited assets
  • Use iOS/Android app
  • Multiple sites and locations
  • Manage multiple department
  • Check out/in asset to staff/students
  • Email alerts for assets due back & warranty expiry

Please contact our sales team for more information.




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Our education asset tracking solution makes it simple to manage your school’s valuable assets – from software and IT assets, to furniture, sports equipment, theatre equipment, facilities management tools, and more. Instantly locate your assets, eliminate time spent searching for missing items, and stop unnecessarily replacing lost assets. Free, UK technical support and Getting Started training is included.

Wasp’s MobileAsset does what it’s supposed to do, and does it well. So many products over-promise and under-deliver. MobileAsset has made life a lot easier for the IT team, and made our staff more efficient.

Phil Staples - Norton Radstock College


0845 430 1971